Track & Field

Fall Track Meet:
CYO hosts a one day Fall Track Meet for boys and girls in grades 1-8. in October. Between dashes, relays, and field events in each grade, our Track program keeps the kids running all day!

Winter Track Meet:
The indoor track meet takes place at the state-of-the-art facility of the St. Anthony's High School in early March.
The first floor has an indoor 200 m track and other various track and field events with spectator bleacher type seating. The meet is open to any child. Children in grades 1-8 have an opportunity to compare their speed with peers from different schools and experience something new.

The event starts with relays. As it is common, the kids formed teams, each consisting of 4 members. When there are not enough kids of the same age, or on the contrary, there were too many of them, they were mixed with other teams so every child could participate. Some kids from OLL Malverne track team were running together with kids of St. Anne's, or St. Patrick's teams. The track event has a relaxed atmosphere and goes so fast that the individual disciplines (dashes) could take place, as well.

Spring Track Meets:
The Spring Track Meet features 3 or 4 regional meets and a Championship Meet culminating the spring season.
Children in grades 1-8 are invited to participate in dashes, relays & field events.

The use of top sites such as Mitchel Field, St. Anthony H.S. and Connetquot H.S. has made our Track Program the place to be!