Welcome CYO Coaches

 Welcome to the 2017-18 CYO of Long Island Program Year

   Thank you for volunteering your time as a CYO Coach. You have the unique opportunity to make an impact on the youth of your parish. With this privilege comes responsibility. As a coach, you have a responsibility to your team, your parish, and the league, CYO of Long Island.  Coaches should know the expectations of their parish and are expected to know and follow the rules and modifications of CYOLI, and to adhere to all dates and deadlines outlined for that sport. The CYO website (www.cyons.org) has ALL forms and Program Information for the CYO 2017-18 Program Year. Please refer to The CYO Rules and Modifications, Uniform & Technicals Rule, Game Schedules, (under Sports) and Venue directions for information. Coaches’ phone lists will be forwarded but can also be found on the CYO Coaches’ Corner, on an individual basis using the Game Number assigned to each game.

1) Coaches’ Responsibilities:  Play all games as scheduled. Schedule any unscheduled games. Report scores within 72 hours. Have a copy of the CYO Coach’s phone list for their league, as well as the CYO Officials list. Download the CYO Rules & Modifications, UNIFORM & TECHNICALS RULE and follow them for their level of play. Note: Only 1 Coach and 1 Assistant Coach are permitted on the bench for all CYO Games. Any questions please contact your Coordinator for clarification.

 2) Schedules: Can be found on the CYO website (www.cyons.org) under “Sports”. Any game date of 1/01- 1/2 is a game TO BE ARRANGED (TBA) and MUST be scheduled ASAP by BOTH coaches, and reported to CYO. All games MUST be scheduled by “The Last Day to Schedule Unscheduled Games” as per the CYO Program Schedule and Calendar. Contact CYO ASAP, if you are not getting cooperation, or having difficulty scheduling a “TBA” game.

 3) Scores: MUST be reported to CYO within 72 hours of contest, or a double loss for both teams (0-0) will be recorded in that game. This CANNOT be APPEALED!  End of season scores must be reported within 24 hours after season ends. Scores can be reported via, the CYO “Coaches’ Corner”, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or fax to 516-433-1238 using the 5 digit Game #.  Reminder: Scores are regularly uploaded to the CYO website.

 4) Rosters / Waivers: Each coach should have a copy of their current season CYO approved roster in their game book for all games.  The opposing coach and the game officials have the right to ask to see this approved roster.  Any failure to comply must be reported to the office.  If there is no approved roster on file in the CYO office, or if the players in the game in question do not match the approved roster, the game will be forfeited by the offending team.

All players should be listed in the scorebook in numerical order with BOTH their first and last names.  Rulebook penalties for player(s) not properly listed in the scorebook at the start of the game will still apply. The game official is going to be expected to examine each scorebook.  A technical foul will be issued for a violation.  A maximum of two technical fouls will be assessed for failure to comply.

Rosters are due on the date listed on the Program Schedule. Roster & Waiver forms can be found on the CYO website. Contact your Coordinator or Maryellen Cain (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) with any roster / waiver questions.

5) Coaches’ Sanctioning: All CYO Coaches NEED to attend (or have already attended) a CYO Coaches Sanctioning Workshop.  Coaches who are not sanctioned by CYO will not be able to have their teams participate in CYO post season playoffs. There is now the option to use our online coaches’ workshop at www.cyons.org. All non-sanctioned coaches will be suspended from coaching in future CYONS program years. See CYO website for meeting dates.

6) Sportsmanship: Is the backbone of CYO, teams, coaches and spectators are expected to display sportsmanship at all CYO contests. (Refer to: CYO No Tolerance Policy) All coaches are expected to submit a “Sportsmanship Ballot” at the end of the season. Sportsmanship Ballots MUST be submitted to CYO for all teams who qualify for playoffs.

7) Official’s Evaluation: Officials can be rated, when your score is entered on Coach’s Corner. In the event an official is late or does not show up to officiate a contest, please contact the CYO office immediately. Reminder: Officials MUST sign scorebook at any CYO Contest.

8) Protest: Protests may only be requested on misapplication of a playing rule or on player eligibility.  JUDGEMENT CALLS MADE BY THE OFFICIAL ARE NOT PROTESTABLE.

Protests for the misapplication of a playing rule must be brought to the attention of the official and opposing coach at the time of the alleged infraction.

All pertinent information necessary to allow the contest to be resumed at the point of the protest should be noted in the scorebook(s). .  (time, date, signature of official etc.)

Protests on player eligibility must be made during the regular season or playoffs and must be lodged within 48 hours of the contest between the two teams involved season.  Protests on player eligibility must be made directly to the CYO Office.

For a protest to be heard, submit a letter to the CYO Office along with a protest fee of $100.00.

All protests will be heard by the Athletic Committee. If the protest is upheld, the protest fee will be returned.


Mandatory Coaches Sanctioning Workshops

Mandatory Coaches Sanctioning Workshops

CYO requires all coaches, who have not previously done so, attend a Mandatory Coaches Sanctioning Workshop. Coaches that are not sanctioned will not be able to participate in post season playoffs. All non sanctioned coaches will not be permitted to coach until sanctioned by CYO. Information can be received from the CYO website or by contacting the CYO office.

CYO is offering 2 ways to fulfill your obligation to attend a Mandatory Coaches Workshop.


Live Meetings:

Thursday 9/28  AND Thursday 10/26 @ 7pm
At:  The Knights of Columbus – Downstairs meeting room
         45 Heitz Place
         Hicksville, NY  11801
Thursday 11/16 @ 7:30
At:  St. Patrick’s Smithtown – Canning Hall
       280 East Main Street
       Smithtown, NY  11787 

Our new online version of "Catholic Coaching Essentials":

Catholic Coaching Essentials is a sport-neutral course centering on general coaching principles, sport first aid, and team management. At its core is the coach's role as youth minister, who can use sports as a venue to teach Gospel values, instill Christian character, and build community, $19.99 for the course.

Click here to register for online sanctioning.

Diocesan Child Protection Policies

All CYO parish coordinators, coaches, and all other CYO volunteers and staff are to comply with the
Diocese of Rockville Centre Child Protection policies and procedures:

A) background screen required
B) attend a Virtus session (go to www.drvc.org homepage and click on the Virtus training calendar to register)
C) sign a Code of Conduct

Please see your pastor to fulfill these requirements.

Helpful Hints for Coaches

  • Develop and maintain a positive rapport with the parents of your players.
  • Inform parents about practice times, game times, and other requirements of the program.
  • Attend all coaches' meetings and clinics,
  • Explain the risks and dangers of the athletic activity.
  • Be knowledgeable about the latest safety and conditioning techniques.
  • Organize, conduct, and supervise all practices and games.
  • Secure a team parent.
  • Assist in the prevention and care in injuries.
  • Report all accidents and complete an injury report on any athlete injured in practice or during a game and inform your parish coordinator.
  • Emphasize the proper ideals of sportsmanship and fair play.
  • Show cordial courtesy to visiting teams and game officials.
  • Remember that an athletic contest is just a game, not a matter of life and death.

Carry emergency cards for each player during all practices and games.