Welcome Officials


September 2017

 Welcome Officials – The CYO of Long Island (2017 – 2018) Program Year

 CYO requires that you complete the following information from our website and return it to our office via email, fax or mail in order to officiate for CYO:

  • A NEW Registration form
  • Virtus Training Certificate (This is a one time requirement.  If your certificate is already on file, please disregard )
  • W-9 form (If we have this on file in the office there is no need to submit unless information has changed)
  • Direct Deposit form –Starting this year it is MANDATORY that everyone receive payment by Direct Deposit. (If we have your Direct Deposit on file in the office there is no need to submit unless information has changed)

 All officials are assigned to a "home base" region, based on where you live. That region is coordinated by our Recreational Specialists. Refer to our web site and find the proper region and Rec. Spec. who will assign games.

The production of paper schedules will be decided by the individual Recreation Specialist.

Please communicate and understand the business practices of your particular assigner.


  • Arriving at a CYO Contest 15 minutes before scheduled game time.
  • Must review all CYO Policy and Modifications, and have them at all CYO Contests.
  • Communicate and confirm CYO games with home teams.
  • Do not give or accept a CYO game assignment from another official without CYO Approval
  • NEVER accept fees at a game - Official Reimbursement must be issued by the CYO office
  • All Technical fouls and Uniform Violations MUST be reported to CYO ASAP
  • Accepting a CYO Game (verbally / written) is a Contractual Agreement - CYO expects all officials to honor their contract, or fines will be assessed to noncompliant officials.

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact your primary assigner:


Phone: 516-433-1145

Region 1 & 2 … Sue x 11

Region 3 Stacy… x 12

Region 4 Ginny … x 22

Region 5 Elaine … x 21

All Regions … Mary Lou x 15


When assigning games for High School programs, efforts are made to assign Varsity certified officials, pending their availability.

CYO looks forward to working with you for the 2017-2018 Program Year.

Please schroll down for information regarding Virtus Training.


Click here for CYO Rule Modifications.


Click here for CYO Forms.


Venue Directions & Schedules


You will need Adobe acrobat to read and print "pdf" files.


VIRTUS Training Required for CYO Officials


Officials Working for CYO Must Attend a VIRTUS Training Session




By Way of Background


  • The pastors of the parishes across the Diocese of Rockville Centre have the responsibility to be sure that all parish employees, volunteers and third-party individuals who routinely are present on parish grounds have a background check and have completed a VIRTUS training session.
  • The role of CYO in the Child Protection Policy is to administer to the compliance of those engaged to officiate at CYO games and events.




  • VIRTUS is a program created by the National Catholic Risk Retention Group in the United States with a "Protecting God's Children" component that combats sexual abuse of children in the Church.


  • The goal of the VIRTUS program is primarily to be proactive instead of reactive when dealing with child sexual abuse. To prevent sexual abuse, VIRTUS advocates five steps:


               - Knowing the warning signs of abuse


               - Controlling access to children


               - Monitoring programs involving children


               - Being aware of how children behave


               - Communicating concerns


  • VIRTUS focuses on educating adults who interact with children about sexual abuse and providing them with information to help prevent abuse. This takes place in 'awareness sessions' led by trained facilitators. The awareness sessions consist of videos, worksheets, and discussions. The videos incorporate interviews with both victims and convicted perpetrators.
  • You are required to attend only one session.  It is not an annual requirement.


What is Required of You as a CYO Official?


  • In order for you to be in compliance with the Diocesan Child Protection Policy and in order for you to be eligible to officiate with CYO, you must attend a VIRTUS training session.
  • To register for a class, click on this link  http://www.virtusonline.org/virtus/reg_list2.cfm?theOrgID=17044&theme=0  .  (There is no cost to you for attending this class).
  • The page will open to “VIRTUS Online”.  A listing of all currently scheduled sessions within the Diocese of Rockville Centre will be displayed.  Click on the “Start Registration” button towards the top of the page to begin the registration process.  Please see the attached pdf file (VIRTUS reg instructions) which contains step-by-step screen shots to guide you through the registration process (which should take less than 5 minutes)


    Please reach out to me should you have any questions.  If you have already taken a VIRTUS class, please send me a copy of your Certificate of Completion. Your role as a CYO Official is vital to CYO and always appreciated.



Visit the Officials Form page to download more information.