Welcome Parents

Dear Parents and CYO Supporters,

CYO of Nassau and Suffolk has adopted a "No Tolerance Policy" that many CYO Programs fully support. This means that, throughout all the CYO programs across Long Island, anyone's unsportsmanlike conduct or disrespectful outburst at any contest will result in the immediate expulsion from that venue (e.g. gym, ball field, swimming pool).

Fortunately, over the years many parish programs have gained a reputation as a program with a friendly and organized atmosphere. The parish staff works hard to foster a high quality, positive program for all our children. Unfortunately, the past couple of seasons have seen an increase in incidents involving some team's supporters, both in their gym and at other venues.

All referees are now required to immediately report any and all negative conduct to the CYO Office. Lately, several programs have been coming across the desks in the CYO Office far too much for our liking. We want to conduct our games in an atmosphere of respect for the officials, opposing teams, coaches and all spectators visiting gyms. We want everyone to feel welcome and to have an enjoyable experience!

The Officials assigned to the games do the very best job they can. Both teams play under the same conditions. No official is going out of his or her way to "get you". CYO coaches teach the children to play through the official's decisions because ultimately the game is decided by how the children play and not what the officials do or do not call. Please let your coaches and staff be the voice to the officials, not you. THIS IS YOUTH basketball, not the NCAA or NBA / WNBA. Remember that your conduct during a game reflects on your program, your CYO staff and your community.

Any unsportsmanlike conduct or disrespectful outburst observed by the game official or a member of the parish CYO staff will result in the offending person being instructed to leave the Gym. A failure to immediately comply with this instruction will cause the game to in progress to be suspended.

Thanks in advance for your support, your commitment to the program and your understanding.